Make Employee Scheduling a Breeze with Workforce TNA

17 February, 2020

Managing administrative tasks can be very laborious, requiring a lot of human capital. Any business owner will know the importance of efficiency and smart systems, but still, so many employers are using spreadsheets or paper schedules to manage employee rosters. Trying to create a schedule that accommodates employee requests while still ensuring the business’s needs are met is difficult and is only made far more difficult and time-consuming when done manually.

At Aussie Time Sheets we believe rostering doesn’t need to be so hard, so our employee scheduling software automates the process of creating, maintaining and tracking employee rosters. Workforce TNA is our new innovative all-in-one solution that enables businesses to record employee time and attendance, schedule shifts, calculate multiple award rates and export payroll data seamlessly.

Workforce TNA’s user platform allows you to create live schedules that can be planned out up to four weeks in advance, ensuring you have all of your shifts covered. Employee scheduling becomes even easier with the ability to copy over recurring schedules, saving significant admin time. The employer portal also allows managers to review employee hours, pull reports and approve timesheets and leave. Employee timesheet data is transferred live and in seconds, so managers can see in real-time who has clocked in and who is missing, giving employers a birds-eye view of their workforce even if they are out of the office.

Workforce TNA also features an employee portal, giving employees the ability to log in at any time and see their weekly roster, hours worked, request leave and upload any necessary documents. This empowers employees to be in charge of their own roster and eliminates any chance of miscommunication.

Workforce TNA features intuitive award interpretation, giving you the power to calculate up to 60 different allowance types per department or employee, so you can ensure you never miss an allowance or penalty rate. This reduces payroll error rates and significantly reduces the time and costs required to resolve such issues. Another significant benefit of Workforce TNA is the ability to more accurately and easily manage the allocation of resources, saving significantly on labour costs by allowing you to more accurately predict how many staff you may need to roster.

Workforce TNA allows you to save time, control costs and simplify employee communications by eliminating the need for clunky and time-consuming rostering programs and manual timesheets that are prone to errors. If you’re interested in simpler scheduling, greater payroll accuracy and deeper insight into worker productivity, contact our Aussie Time Sheets team today for more information on Workforce TNA.