8 Things Timesheet Software Can do That Excel Spreadsheets Can’t

17 February, 2020

Excel spreadsheets are commonly used by businesses to schedule staff or log employee timesheets. While spreadsheets can be great for many tasks in business, tracking employee work hours is not one of them. Tracking work hours through spreadsheets is a laborious task that quickly chews through money, not to mention being prone to errors and inaccuracies in work hours recorded. Here are some of the things a time and attendance system allows you to do, that spreadsheets can’t.

1. Track employee work hours in real-time

With time and attendance software, you can be assured that your employees’ work hours are always accurate to the minute. No matter which of our time clock options you choose, as employees’ clock on and off, their hours will be recorded instantly and accurately. This means you will never have any discrepancies against hours worked and employee accountability will increase.

2. Increases ability to scale 

Excel spreadsheets might work when you have 2 or 3 employees, but as soon as you’re bringing on more staff this system quickly becomes inefficient, costly and prone to errors. Timesheet software reduces the costs associated with onboarding new employees significantly; by requiring fewer employees to monitor each worker and allowing new employees to be quickly and easily added to the time and attendance system.

3. Avoids mistakes

Excel spreadsheets are prone to mistakes; you may have entered an incorrect formula or inputted numbers in the wrong column, or you may have accidentally deleted a cell, line or even lost a whole spreadsheet. Or you may suspect some of the data is incorrect because employees have forgotten to clock on or off or entered incorrect work hours. Automated timesheet software means improved accuracy and fewer errors, which can be costly to fix. With time and attendance software you will also never have to worry about version control, you will always know your data is accurate and current.

4. Manage employees across multiple locations

If your business has multiple locations, managing employees’ timesheets and gathering all of this information for payroll can be a nightmare. Our timesheet software is centralised on one device, so you can have time clocks in all of your locations and have this information automatically sent to your timesheet software, simplifying your payroll process. With employee work hours able to be seen in real-time, you can also have accurate information on who’s clocked on at any time across any location.

5. Manage remote employees

Our timesheet software has a mobile clocking feature which allows employees to clock in and out remotely from anywhere off-site. Employees simply login to My Workforce Employee App on their smartphones and can instantly and accurately clock on or off for their shift. The GPS location is recorded also.

6. Save you time and money

Time and attendance software is designed to work for your business, saving you precious time and money. By eliminating the need for manually processing timesheets and time cards and generating payroll, workload on administration staff is reduced significantly, as are the costs associated with payroll. Your business can also save significant money as timesheet software will eliminate inaccurate time reporting, buddy punching, tardiness and time abuse.

7. Automate employee scheduling

Managing employee rosters can be an extremely laborious task for employers, particularly businesses with multiple locations. Our Workforce TNA time and attendance software feature a platform that allows employers to create live schedules and plan out rosters up to four weeks in advance. Workforce TNA also allows employers to copy over recurring schedules, pull reports and approve employee leave.

8. Manage employee performance

Timesheet software allows any problems with employee tardiness, time theft or productivity to be spotted quickly and easily, allowing employers to address these issues early.

If you’re ready to upgrade your excel spreadsheet to time and attendance software that saves your business time and money, contact our friendly Aussie Time Sheets team today.