Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications


Workforce TNA intelligent alerts have been built to allow you to setup custom notifications and how they are received.

Create scheduled email reports and In-App notifications that are specific to managers or supervisors, and payroll officers.

One feature that your business may find useful are alerts and notifications that notify those in charge when employees have not worked as per their scheduled shift. This can be useful for you to set alerts to notify managers when their employees have not clocked in or out for the day or outside their location. 


Notifications that can be set up and you can be informed about your time clock event for your company in real-time. 

Notifications include:  

  • Logging Time Notifications 
  • Absence Notifications 
  • Early and Late Punch Notifications 
  • Logging Outside Geo fencing location  
  • Offline Time Clock 

Schedule Email Reports can be set up to automatically to email a set report to admin, payroll, managers or supervisors each day.  

Admin & Payroll Officers 

As an admin, you can receive notifications for your entire company. Ideal for small teams where business owners want to know all times logged for all their employees. 

Managers & Supervisors 

Know the times logged for just your team. Ideal for businesses where managers control most of their team activities. Reports can be scheduled to automatically be email to each manager each day to action or rectify any exceptions from the previous day.  

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