Award interpretation

Award interpretation


Powerful award interpretation

With powerful award interpretation Workforce TNA can calculate even the most complicated awards and workplace agreements. Ensure your employees are paid accurately and that you’re Fair Work Australia compliant. Workforce TNA gives you the power to configure multiple pay codes and apply them to employees’ timesheets to automatically calculate different rates they are entitled to.  

  • Base Hours
    Is the minimum number of hours required by an employee for their services within the ordinary hours of work. 
  • Breaks
    Paid and unpaid breaks 
  • Overtime & Penalties
    Overtime is paid at higher rate and is applied to the additional number of hours worked outside the ordinary hours. For example, this covers when employees work on Sundays, Public holidays or late-night shifts.  
  • Allowances
    Extra pay to employees for costs incurred due to the type of job they are performing. This will often include travel allowances, first aid allowances, meal allowance and more. 
  • Accruals
    TOIL, RDO calculations and accruals we’ve got you covered. Automating accruals can significantly improve the business process of paid time-off. payroll managers will no longer have to manually deduct RDO hours and employees no longer have to remember what they’ve taken and what remains. 
Pay Codes

Which awards applies to your business?

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