MY Workforce Employee App

MY Workforce Employee App


An easy to use employee time clock app.

My Workforce TNA helps businesses of all sizes to easily track and record employee time and attendance. Hold employees accountable for their work hours and record allowances and loading rates. Have the peace of mind when paying your employee that they are getting the exact amount they are entitled to.


My Workforce TNA features include: 

  • Employees can clock on and off from anywhere right from the app on their smartphone
  • Employees exact location is recorded via GPS location
  • No Internet No worries – Employee times logged can be cached when the app has no network coverage that upload when they are back online
  • Employees can request any type of leave right from the app and access up to date leave balances
  • Employees can approve their timesheet

Free to download from App Store for Apple iPhone users or Google Play Store for Android users.


Works with ATS Workforce TNA

The app works with the ATS Workforce TNA software and allows employees to quickly and easily log their start and finish time, make notes against any time logged, view daily and weekly timesheets, request personal leave, upload documents to a leave request, access annual leave balances, with more self-service features being released coming soon. 

My Workforce employee App also includes some great
features for employers to control how the app is used by their employees.  

Device Identifier  

My Workforce TNA stamps the phone device id to every clocking and can then notify a Supervisor if an employee uses another staff members device to clock on. 

Location restrictions via Geo-Fencing 

Create a Geo-Fence around a Location so that an employee can only clock within the Geo-Fence area.  Assign multiple locations to an employee to allow them to clock at select sites. 

Location restriction via Network 

Lock down the My Workforce TNA apps to only work when employees have joined your business or guest WiFi. 

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