Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management


Workforce TNA timesheet feature automatically calculates the daily and weekly worked hours for each employee.

Employee time clocks keep track of employee start and finish times and break times. Our time clocks and employee App make clocking easy for your employees to accurately record their exact work hours. 

  • Automatic Calculations 
  • Automatic Rounding  
  • Grace Periods  
  • Live Timesheets Data 

Live Timesheet Data 

Get live data direct to your employee timesheets. You will know where employees are and how much they are working. 

GPS Tags 

Each clocking made from the My Workforce TNA App will have a GPS tag on the time logged for that day. Click on the location icon and get that exact location of where the employee logged in or out for the day.  

Timesheet Approvals

An employee can approve their timesheet for the pay period. Managers and Payroll Officers can also approve employee timesheets. Timesheets can be approved in four different ways, a single day for a single employee or group of employees or approve the timesheets for a pay period for a single employee or group of employees. Once an employee timesheet has been approved it cannot be edited or changed, unless it is first un-approved. 

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