Employee Time Clocks

Employee Time Clocks


An employee time clock has become an essential business tool to automate employee time sheets.

Employee time clocks keep track of employee start and finish times and break times. Our time clocks and employee App make clocking easy for your employees to accurately record their exact work hours.

Unlike traditional methods of tracking employee attendance, like punch cards and paper timesheets, Aussie Time Sheets employee time clocks offer much more than the ability to log when employees start and finish work.  


Which is the best employee time clock for your business requirements?  

We offer a range of different time clocks so you can find the right solution to suit your business requirements. Our employee time clocks range from Proximity card clocks to biometric fingerprint time clocks and facial recognition time clocks. The device stores all the employee data and times logged in the internal memory. That data is then retrieved by Aussie Time Sheets software, where the daily and weekly worked hours will be automatically calculated and ready for payroll. Transfer of data to the PC can be via WiFi, Ethernet or offline using a USB drive. 


Connect and control multiple employee time clocks from your Workforce TNA admin console

Receiving real-time notifications when clocks are offline and sending personal or group message to employee time clocks are some of the features employers get with ATS Workforce time and attendance.

Here is a rundown of the many features an ATS employee time clock offers. 

Clocking in and out:  

  • Employee time clocks give employees multiple ways to record when they start work and leave work each day.
  • Employees can clock in and out multiple times per day to record time spent on tea breaks and lunch breaks.
  • Employee Time Clock options include swipe card clocks with RFID readers for employees to wave a card or tag past the clock
  • Fingerprint time clocks with the ability to add multiple prints per employee and Face Scan clocks that are completely contactless – perfect for industries that leave fingerprints worn and damaged.  

Biometrics Employee Time Clocks

Biometric Employee time clocks ensure that employees aren’t clocking in and out for any of their co-workers. This is known as buddy punching, and is a key consideration for some employers.

To eliminate buddy punching we offer different levels of biometrics. This includes time clocks that require fingerprint or facial scans for punching in and out, making the employee accountable for their time.

Traditional biometric machines which store fingerprints can be compromised easily. However, our employee time clocks are more secure.

The clock relies on multispectral biometric capturing technology which captures the fingerprint characteristics at and under the skin and records this as a numeric string. The numerical string (binary code) is encrypted with a one-way algorithm.

Using the latest recognition technology, the ATS Face Scan clock uses an employee’s unique facial features to recognise and employees face. No image capturing is used which reduces employee time theft and stops employees using pictures or images to clock others on or off for work.  

The clock looks at the face scan or fingerprint and checks that enough unique points match the encrypted binary code stored – all in under 2 seconds – making them reliable and secure.  

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