Leave Management

Leave Management


Keep on top of Employee Leave 

Taking leave and managing employees’ time off can be tricky and become a hassle to manage. Workforce TNA makes leave management easy! Workforce TNA leave management is the simplest way to manage leave and unavailability, from leave requests through to approvals.  


Easy to deal with leave requests

Managers can view, approve and decline requests and manage pending requests online with just a one click, making it easy to deal with a large number of requests. Managers will receive a notification when a request is submitted, or changes are made to the request. The simple approval process automatically notifies employees of your decision. 

Leave information is automatically sent to the employee’s timesheet and updated on the leave calendar and exported to payroll, saving you hours of data entry and preventing potential inaccuracies. 

Employee Self Service portal

Employees can submit leave requests from their Employee Self Service portal or app and which is updates when the request is approved or declined.

Employees in each department can access their teams leave calendar when applying for leave to check when others are away. 


Workforce TNA online leave calendar allows you to easily view and manage time off and leave.  

Features include:

  • View all employee’s leave for the month 
  • Identify overlapping leave and potential short staff issues 
  • View previous and future months scheduled leave 

What are the benefits of leave management? 

  • Eliminates paper leave requests and email trails 
  • Requests are actioned in a timely manner 
  • Managers can easily track employee leave requests on their departments leave calendar 
  • Managers can view employee’s leave balance before approving the leave request  
  • Plan and schedule Public Holiday dates for when your business might be closed or at its busiest 
  • Approved leave is sent directly to payroll 
  • Managers can add a request on behalf of an employee, for example: sick leave 
  • View the reason for leave request and any attached documentation and comments 

What types of leave can I manage in Workforce TNA? 

Workforce TNA is setup with the most common types of leave, custom leave types can be created to match your business requirements. Employee leave balances can be entered into the system in advance.  

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