What is The Return on a Time and Attendance Management System?

17 February, 2020

Every hour in a business owners’ day is precious, but so many of these hours are wasted on tedious tasks that could be handled far more efficiently. Payroll and employee time and attendance management are perfect examples of this; tasks that chew through time and money, not only in the hours spent on them but also in the way they allow errors, inefficiencies and time theft to creep into your business.

At Aussie Time Sheets we simplify and streamline your business, saving you thousands of dollars and hours of time that can be better invested in your business. Here are some of the savings from implementing time and attendance software to your business:

1. Savings from lost time

Manually processing timesheets and payroll is a very laborious task; from adding up time cards, chasing up missing timesheets and manually entering this information into your payroll software. Automation reduces these repetitive manual tasks, giving administrative staff precious time back for other tasks. 

2. Savings from eliminating errors

When timesheets and payroll are being processed manually, it is inevitable that human error will come into play regularly. These mistakes can be very costly to fix, both in incorrect wages paid but also the administrative time required to fix these mistakes. Automated time and attendance software eliminates the risk of error.

3. Savings from recapturing wages

Businesses are losing significant work hours every week due to time theft, where employees may be taking longer breaks, arriving late to work, or buddy-punching, where one employee clocks on or off for another. A time and attendance system eliminates time theft as employees’ work hours are recorded accurately.

4. Savings from minimizing overtime

Manual systems don’t have in-built warnings for overtime, however, time and attendance systems can alert managers when employees are approaching overtime, helping to manage and eliminate unplanned costs.

5. Savings from strategic scheduling

Workforce management increases accuracy over scheduling, allowing managers to optimize schedules based on historical data. Time and attendance systems mean better workforce utilization.

6. Savings from increased productivity

Not only will administration employees have more time to focus on other tasks no longer having to spend hours tracking employee hours and managing payroll, but overall employee productivity will increase also. Employers are able to use data from the time and attendance system to look at trends in work hours and highlight any areas where worker productivity may be low, identifying issues before they become a problem.

7. Savings from lower employee turnover

Inaccurate timekeeping and the subsequent payroll errors can lead to dissatisfied employees and in turn, a higher turnover. The cost to replace an employee is significant, a time and attendance system can avoid this altogether and keep both employers and employees happy. 

8. Savings from improved control over labour costs

Access to detailed reporting means you will be able to clearly see where your labour costs are, again identifying any issues with worker productivity or jobs that are taking longer than anticipated.

No matter the size of your business, an Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance solution can save you significant time and money by automating your timesheet and payroll processes. We offer a quality range of time and attendance management systems for businesses of every kind, from small operations to national enterprises. Contact our friendly team today to find out which solution is right for your business.

Here’s what some of our happy customers have said about how Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance management systems have helped their business:

“Loving your system, staff have taken on board well and it is saving me three hours on processing each week. We also have more accurate records and we are paying out less.”

Jack Simpson Fuel Supplies

“So impressed with the amount of money I am saving! Also could not ask for better technical support in helping me understand the system. Unreservedly recommend this.”

Lucky Roe Snack Bar

“The whole process of working with Aussie Time Sheets has been great! Right from sales through to installation, the team are extremely friendly and helpful. This was a great outright solution to our payroll system, and we look forward to getting it fully up and running.”

Lighthouse Care