Best Workforce Management Software 2020

17 February, 2020

Have you been searching for a simple and accurate time and attendance solution that integrates directly to your favourite payroll system? Don’t look any further, our new Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA is the right solution for you. Our new workforce time and attendance software is an all-in-one secure and flexible solution that enables businesses with over 50 employees to record employee time and attendance, schedule shifts, calculate multiple award rates and export payroll data seamlessly.

How does Workforce Time and Attendance Software Work?

Our workforce time and attendance software automatically records employee work hours through time clocks and saves it to a server or cloud hosted storage area, accurately recording employee attendance and hours worked and exporting this data to your payroll system. Our new Workforce TNA time and attendance solution also offers a number of other features and benefits to simplify and streamline your payroll processes, provide powerful data and save you time and money.

What Are the Benefits of Workforce TNA Time and Attendance Software?

  • Live and accurate employee timesheets: Employee timesheet data is transferred live, so you can log in to Workforce TNA at any time and instantly see who has clocked in or out and who is missing.
  • Simple employee scheduling: The Workforce TNA user platform allows employers to create live schedules and plan out up to four weeks in advance, allowing you to ensure that all your required shifts are covered. This workforce time and attendance software also allows you to copy over recurring schedules, so employee scheduling becomes even simpler. This employer portal allows managers to review employee hours, set rosters, pull reports and approve leave, however access controls limit what information employees in specific jobs can access and amend.
  • Multiple calculations for easy award interpretation: Our workforce time and attendance software has been designed to produce timesheet calculations that can handle more comprehensive award rates. No more messy calculations or mistakes in award agreement, Workforce TNA will automatically calculate the allowances your employees are entitled to.
  • Workforce employee clocking: At Aussie Time Sheets we have several different time and attendance systems available, including proximity card clocks, facial recognition clocks, fingerprint clocks, app clocking and web browser clocking.
  • Direct payroll integration: Our workforce time and attendance software integrate with all the leading payroll, accounting and human resources software, so your data will always be accurate and up to date. Payroll data is able to be exported seamlessly to over 20 payroll systems currently.
  • Affordable price point: Unlike other time and attendance software providers, who often have a confusing price point or charge X amount per employee, Workforce TNA is an all in one secure and flexible solution which will fit comfortably into your budget.
  • Sales and performance tracking: Our workforce time and attendance software allows you to easily identify problems and areas to improve.
  • Access wherever you are: Our workforce time and attendance software has multiple-location functionality which allows you to install and use the same system across all locations. Off-site mobile clocking also records the exact time, date and GPS location, so our software can be used for remote employees and jobs also.
  • Employee morale and accountability increases: Our workforce time and attendance software feature a live employee portal through which employees can login at any time and see their weekly roster, hours worked, requested leave and upload any necessary documents. Being trusted to have access to this information readily allows employees to feel empowered and assured that an efficient system is in place that eliminates the chance of human error in incorrect pay.

Aussie Time Sheet customers who are using our workforce time and attendance software have given feedback that they realised the return on their investment as early as one week after installation. Our workforce time and attendance software are transformative for businesses as it reduces the resources required to manage payroll significantly.

So what are you waiting for? Contact the friendly team at Aussie TimeSheets today to learn more about Workforce TNA and see how our time and attendance software can save your business time and money.